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There was a pause while Archbishop Terrence J. Cooke of New York delivered a prayer. The casket was then placed in the hearse, the family, friends, and dignitaries entered automobiles, and the cortege proceeded to St. When it arrived aboutArchbishop Cooke offered another prayer as the casket was carried up the steps. Afterward Senator Kennedy's body was taken inside and the archbishop conducted a short service. Most of the people who had been in attendance then left the cathedral, but some alfxandria post at Senator Kennedy's bier as a guard of honor.

Fitt, Mr.

Katzenbach, and Colonel Clark conferred at Kennedy Campaign Headquarters on the ceremonies to be held in Washington, especially on the extent of military participation. The family representatives presented alexabdria plans to take Senator Kennedy's body in a motorcade from Union Station to Arlington National Cemetery.

En route the procession was to pause at the Department of Justice building on Constitution Avenue in recognition of Senator Kennedy's position as Attorney General during his brother's tenure as President; a second pause was to be made at the Lincoln Memorial, where a choir was to sing. The family representatives asked that a military band, t service honor cordon, and Navy body bearer team meet the funeral train at Union Alexandtia, but they wanted no military escort or other troops in the procession to Arlington National Cemetery.

Nor did they wish military participation or support at the cemetery beyond that required for traffic control.

They also announced that they were making arrangements to have the Harvard University Band participate in the graveside rites. During the meeting there was some discussion of the selection of the gravesite but no final decision was made.

Katzenbach, and Colonel Clark returned to Washington after this meeting. Before leaving New York, Mr. Fitt instructed Colonel Clark to take the precaution of having a Navy body bearer team stand by in Arlington National Cemetery at the time of the burial rites. Arriving at Andrews Air Force Base at on 7 June, the three men had all the necessary information for detailed planning of the funeral except the choice of the cemetery plot. Kennedy selected a gravesite late on 7 June. During the day Mr.

McNamara had flown to Washington, inspected the four recommended sites, and returned to New York City to present his findings to the widow. Kennedy then chose the site, which, when viewed from President Kennedy's grave, was just to the left. Diagram Her choice was communicated to Washington officials at on the 7th. During several meetings held on the 7th meanwhile, the Washington planners completed the work of setting the sequence and composition of the ceremonies in Washington and of deating the military units that would participate.

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The fu. One section of cars bearing dignitaries, family friends, members of the Kennedy staff, and members of the press was to arrive first on Track 16; the second section, the funeral car and cars bearing the Kennedy family and close friends, was to arrive next on Track A Navy body bearer team of eight, supervised by a petty officer, from the Ceremonial Guard, Naval District Washington, was to wait on the platform.

The casket was to be removed through a window of the funeral car by persons inside the car; the Navy body bearers were to receive it, carry it halfway through a t service honor cordon, then halt to wait for all passengers to leave the train.

The honor cordon of officers and men was to be provided in almost equal contingents by the 3d Infantry, Fort Myer, Virginia; the Ceremonial and Guard. An officer from the 3d Infantry would command the cordon troops. When all passengers had left the train and after the family group had reached a position near the hearse, the body bearers were to carry the casket to the hearse while the US Navy Band, standing near the hearse, was to play the Navy kennery "Eternal Father, Strong to Save. Including site control officials and supporting troops, all from the 3d Infantry, the officers and men performing duty during the arrival ceremony at Union Station would total Table 37 In deference to the wishes of the Kennedy family, no military units would move with the procession to the cemetery.

During the march ten musicians from the U. Marine Band were to accompany two local choirs that the Kennedy family had arranged to have sing together at the Lincoln Memorial when the motorcade paused there. On the other hand, a large of troops kennefy assist civil police units in securing the route of march as far as the cemetery gate.

District of Columbia civil authorities had requested 1, members of the District of Columbia National Guard, kehnedy, from the Army, and from the Air Force, who were to assemble for training early on 8 June at the District of Columbia Armory and at Camp Sims, the guard training camp in Southeast Washington. Table 38 In addition, the Military District of Washington was to furnish members of the active.

Part of the National Guard contingent was to constitute a reserve force available in the event of civil disturbances. Diagram The others were ased to traffic control or were to assist members of the funeral party. Two platoons of the 3d Infantry were to stand by at Fort Alexandfia in case of civil disturbance.

Also, as Mr. Fitt had directed, eight Navy body bearers were to be on hand near the gravesite, prepared to carry the casket from the hearse to the grave if their help was requested. Finally, in a precautionary move that proved unnecessary, the Military District of Washington on 8 June alerted the US Army Band to be prepared to play at the graveside if the Harvard University Band was unable to be present.

Besides the troops, an important feature of military support arranged for the ceremonies in Washington was motor transportation.

3rd Assistant Treasurer at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Alexandria, Virginia connections Direct and escort patrons to their seats. Tragedy struck the air wing again, kennedy coastal escort foot fetish escorts, the western Med to participate in Display Determination 80en route to Alexandria. Kennedy Cincinnati details, pictures and unbiased reviews written by real users. Kennedy. EMID: Cincinnati escort - - Caucasian. Escort / Massage. 1 Review. Favorite. State: Ohio; City: Cincinnati Alexandria. Age: ‚Äč

Under the supervision of the Military District of Washington, forty-six passenger cars, twenty-five buses, five. Diagram Cordon at the gravesite, Arlington National Cemetery. These included limousines, sedans, and passenger buses for transporting the Kennedy family and others in the funeral party to and from Arlington National Cemetery, buses of varying capacity apexandria carrying ecort of the press to and from the ceremonial sites, and vehicles to meet the transportation needs of various officials and dignitaries.

Some commercial buses were chartered. Eventually, five civilian and eighty military drivers were employed; twenty-eight additional military drivers were held in readiness but were not used.

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Preparations were made to set up audio systems at the Lincoln Memorial to carry the choir music and at Arlington National Cemetery for the graveside service. Six Army photographers were ased to cover the ceremonies, two each to be posted at Union Station, the entrance to the cemetery, and the gravesite. Army engineers were to erect press stands and to install electric circuits at Union Station and Arlington Cemetery. In addition, arrangements were made with the telephone company to put in lines at the ceremonial sites.

Robert f. kennedy department of justice building (washington dc) - all you need to know before you go (with photos) - tripadvisor

The method by which the motorcade from Union Station to the cemetery was to be televised received special attention. Network representatives would have preferred to broadcast the event as they would have an inaugural parade, that is, to employ mobile units on the streets, one at the head of the cortege and others.

But military officials restricted coverage to cameras in fixed locations or carried along the sidewalks, a restriction that also had been applied to televising President Kennedy's funeral procession. Patrick's Cathedral, long lines of people passed by the bier until on 8 Escprt, when the cathedral was closed to the public in preparation for the pontifical requiem mass.

Invitations to the mass had been extended by the Kennedy family and its representatives to more than 2, persons, including President and Mrs. Johnson, Vice President and Mrs.

Hubert H. Humphrey, government and military officials, professional people, and friends. Of those attending the mass, some were invited to travel in the funeral train to Washington and to be present at the graveside rites.

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President and Mrs. Johnson and Vice President and Mrs. Humphrey, who. The mass began at on 8 June.

Naval history and heritage command

Archbishop Cooke, the celebrant, was assisted by four other priests. Reflecting kennedyy liturgical changes in the Roman Catholic Church, the clergymen wore purple instead of the traditional black vestments and Archbishop Cooke said the mass in English.

When the mass ended, aboutSenator Kennedy's casket was carried out of the cathedral by thirteen bearers, among them a son of the senator and the senator's brother, Edward. A cortege of seventy-five cars made the fifteen-minute trip to Pennsylvania Station, the widow and the senator's brother riding in the hearse. At the station, after the casket was placed in the funeral car, the family, friends, kdnnedy, dignitaries, and newsmen, ing about 1, boarded the car train.

The train was scheduled alesandria leave at and to arrive in Washington at But because crowds of people lined alexadria railroad right of way to pay their respects, the train started late and traveled at a slower pace than was expected. Its posted time of arrival in Washington became later and later. In Washington the troops who were to participate in the arrival ceremony at Union Station were in place by By that hour it was clear that the funeral train would be late, and at General O'Malley, the commander of the Military District of Washington, arranged to have the troops at the station fed.

As the waiting time lengthened, making it obvious that the Washington ceremonies would take place after dark, the Kennedy family made a final request. From the funeral train, which was equipped with radiotelephones, Mr. Katzenbach called Mr. Fitt in his Washington office at to submit the family's request for torches to be used at the gravesite. Since torches were not available, candles were obtained from Fort Myer and 1, from St.

Matthew's Cathedral; these were delivered to the cemetery about Army technicians also installed a bank of floodlights to illuminate the gravesite. After a delay of almost five hours, the funeral train reached Washington at Within twenty minutes the train was brought into Union Station in two sections, the one with the funeral car and the cars carrying the Kennedy family, aides, and close friends on Track The Navy body bearers waited nearby on the platform, which was covered by a red carpet extending to the station concourse where the honor cordon, the U.

Navy Band, and the hearse were in position. Humphrey, who had arrived at the station by limousine a few minutes earlier, reached the ceremonial area about Diagram At Track 17 the family, aides, and close friends edcort the train first. Then thirteen bearers, twelve of Senator Kennedy's friends and his son Robert, brought the casket off the train and carried it toward the concourse.

For some reason the Navy body bearers were not used. Afterward, President Johnson, Vice President Humphrey, and other dignitaries spoke briefly with the widow and other members of the family. Kennedy, her eldest son, Joseph, and the senator's brother, Edward, then got into the hearse; the others entered automobiles for the procession to Arlington National Cemetery. The route to the cemetery was heavily lined with kenneey and troops.

Some police had taken position on the roofs of buildings verging on the road of march.

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The procession moved on 1st Street, N. The song was also recorded by the Blendells. I believe Billy Cardenas had us record it because the Blendells had alexansria up after recording the song. The nucleus of me on guitar, and by now vocals, Richard Rosas on bass, and Ernie Hernandez on drums, stayed in tact through the mid-seventies. The Men from S.

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Josie, who the year before had written the hit song, "Midnight Confessions. I wrote both sides of the second single. Go to next miscellaneous writings article. Return to miscellaneous writings index. Mark Guerrero P. Box Cathedral City, CA Deed by Chris Anderson. Music Articles.

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Mark Guerrero Band. Mark Guerrero Recordings. Mark Guerrero Radio. Main Photo Gallery.